13 Kitchen Essentials For The Chef In You

The chef in you deserves the right tools to create that delectable meal you are yearning to share with your family. Here is a list of thirteen must-haves to awaken the chef in you.

1.) Whisk

This one is a breakfast must-have. Cheese omelettes, scrambled eggs, pancakes, waffles. You get the picture. Well, you could use a fork but would the chef want to use a fork in place of a whisk when a whisk was created for this purpose. Whisks incorporate air and add fluff to foods like eggs and pancakes.

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2. Spatula

How are you going to flip that delectable omelette? You need a spatula. When it is plated, you want it whole and not breaking apart. This is achieved by you being equipped to competently execute the flip, like the Chef you are!

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3. Spoon

You need a large spoon for stirring. This ensures that you are able to incorporate ingredients smoothly. This ensures that your flavor develops correctly, which is essential to your prowess as a chef.

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4. Cleaver

Ever tried to cut a large piece of meat into smaller pieces with a regular knife? NOT FUN! You need a cleaver to get those small cuts for your stews.

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5. Paring Knife

A paring knife is a very small knife that is used for peeling fruits. It can also be used to peel vegetables as well (if you do not have a vegetable peeler on hand). Longer knives can be quite tricky to use when peeling fruits. These longer knives for fruit peeling actually put you at a higher risk for injury.

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6. Colander

This is what you will use to strain the water from the vegetables you have just blanched. It is also what you will use to remove your perfectly al dente pasta from the water. Now, as a chef, you cannot have overcooked vegetables and pasta. This can be avoided by removing them from the water they were cooked in. A colander makes this task much easier.

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7. Tongs

We are using tongs for serving salads and pasta. Without tongs, you will have to resort to other utensils that may undermine your image as a “top chef”.

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8. Chef Knife

Chef knives are used for a variety of things. They are used for slicing herbs, chopping nuts, and cutting meats, to name a few. Modern chef knives are designed to be multipurpose so you do not actually need an entire set. A winning combination is a chef knife, a paring knife, a cleaver, and a bread knife.

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9. Ladle

This is what you will use to serve your soup. A regular spoon to serve soup is time-consuming and can be very messy.

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10. Measuring Set

In case you are not one of those persons who throw until your ancestors say stop, you need a measuring set complete with measuring spoons and cups. The right measurement of ingredients can make or break your dish. Your dish needs to be perfect all the time, Chef.

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11. Cutting Board

You need at least two of these. To avoid meat mixing with vegetables and herbs, it is best to stick with one cutting board for meats and another one for other things like vegetables and herbs. Mixing the two can possibly cause salmonella. Cutting boards really adds to the ease of preparing food.

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12. Bread Knife

Trying to cut a croissant with a regular knife is quite a task. By the time you are done, your croissant is crushed. To maintain the aesthetic of your food and have the perfect looking croissanwich, you will need a bread knife. French bread and artisan bread really require a bread knife to cut otherwise you have to break it.

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13. Rolling Pin

You will need this for pie perfection.

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These will help you achieve a chef-quality meal in your home, prepared by you in your own kitchen.

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